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Corrugated cardboard production line

Single Facer

Function characteristics

1. Corrugated roller with diameter of Ø320mm is made from alloy steel 48CrMo and ground accurately with heat treatment     technology.It is plated hard chrome on the surface with surface hardness up to HRC55°-60°.

2. Independent pneumatic sizing mechanism.

3. Lubricated with high temperature grease.

4. All paper lead shafts,preheating cylinders and forcing shafts are ground and plated with hard chrome on the working   surface.

5. The size roller of finely curved reticulate pattern with 24 wires/inch and plated with hard chrome,allowing less amount and   more evenness of sizing.

6. The driving part uses independent enclosed oil immersed gear case in the manner of shaft drive.

7. Digital display of glue spread and electric adjustment thereof.

8. Flute profile:profile UV.

9. Provided with electric size separation.

10. Varital frequency control of drive force,Design:150mm/min.

11. The outer facing preheating cylinder has a diameter of Ø415,and pressure roller has a diameter of Ø345.

12. Upper corrugated roller is mounted on a seat that is easy to dismount.

13. Ail rollers use straight-way type stainless drainage device in their drain system,providing independent draining,centralized and removing bypass design,which can be free of maintenance for the whole service life,saving stop valve and check valve,etc,and simplifying installation and maintenance of the return circuit.

14. Steam pressure of 1.1-1.2 Mpa and water discharged through a siphon.

Provided with HP centrifugal fan,with a silencer.