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Corrugated cardboard production line
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Corrugated cardboard production line

Thin Knife Slitting And Creasing Machine

 Function characteristics

Thin﹣blade Slitter Scorer overcomes the rough edge and collapsing produced by conventional thin﹣blade slitting,producing smooth edge,clean and no﹣collapsing paper boards     instead.Thus the overall quality and appearance quality of paper boards are improved.Therefore,this is the best choice for the customer in the severely competitive market.         

Main technical specifications 

 1.  Slitting type:                 three,four and five﹣blade (as per customer requirement )      

 2.  Number of scorers:      four,six and eight﹣scorer type (as per customer requirement )

3.   Max slitting width:        1,930mm

4.   Min slitting width:         120mm

5.   Min slitting length:       420mm

6.   Dimensions:                2,500×700×1,500mm   

7.   Grinder type:               Pneumatic grinder

8.   Motor power:               2.2KW

9.  Clearance between upper and lower scoring wheel:  2﹣12mm