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Corrugated cardboard production line

Thin Blade Slitter and Creasing Machine

Function characteristics

1. Upper and lower level control system composed of standard industrial computer and high﹣performance PLC,runs reliably and stably.

2. Because the arrangement of blade and scoring wheel uses straight lead rail for guiding direction and ball screw for transmission,the movement becomes smoother and more accurate and reliable positioning.

3. The slitting blade is Taiwan tungsten steel blade which service life is more than 4 times of ordinary high﹣speed steel blade.

4. The scoring wheel is provided with reasonably designed score pattern,overcoming the problem that regular scorer slitter cracks and collapses paper boards.

5. Cutting accuracy of ±0.5mm.

6. Wholemachine uses horizontal electric vernier tuning device with the tuning range of ±90mm.

7. With five﹣blade eight﹣score structure,the scoring mechanism and slitting mechanism use variable frequency control separately to track the production line speed automatically.

8. Admit and store several groups of sheets for automatic changeover of sheets with different specifications.

9. Automatic changeover time of sheets:3﹣8 seconds

10. The scoring mechanism has three electric alternate structures,shallow recessing,embossing and flattening that can adapt to different scores and the requirements of single wall and double wall boards.

11. Axialmovement between the slitting blade and scoring wheel is regulated through synchronous belt drive,providing smooth movement.

12. The slitting blade and scoring wheel move up and down in a straight way through guide rod,reducing the impact from swinging connection.

13. Compatible options of computer﹣based automatic adjustment and manual adjustment are available.