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Screen printing machine

Automatic Screen Printing Machine


1. Dual-track moving system to make stable movement, onboard self-diagonstic system and servo motor equipped to guarantee the high-precision positioning action.

2. Excellent Squeegee/flood-bar working unit to ensure the screen frames' easy change-over and freely ink load, colors registration is visible

3. High speed and fast screen frames change-over, suit for quantity small but multiple colors request and high quality works.
4. Vivid touch screen display and intelligent micro-processor gives the machine more easy operation. Mechanicals squeegee/flood-bar change over and their pressure adjustment unit provide high and steady quality.
5. Squeegee/flood-par's speed, stroke length and its move numbers, capacity, real time production date displayed and can be set freely. Low power consumption, less maintenance are possible.
6. Install an IR flash cure unit working together with the machine without any extra device is available

7. The printer apples to do high color-to-color registration printing on garments and leathers such as nylon, tetoron, micro-fiber twill, stain, PVC, and PU, but also fitting are printing stationery, handbags, gift-boxes, such as gift-boxes, such as, decoration boxes, metal sheets hard and soft plastic boards PVC, PP, PE, PET, EVA, APET, PETG fabric-boards, glass-plates and ceramics ect.



Printing Size(cm)

Width of Table(cm)

Printing Tolerance(mm)

Electric Type

Packing Size(cm)

Automatic Screen Printing Machine


70*85(larger size can be made per customer's requirement)