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Corrugated cardboard production line

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Spiral Blade Cross Cutting Machine

Function characteristics

1. The spiral blade cross cutter is controlled by computer , Each unit  is driven under one same seat  by Individual unit control system,so excellent stability and easy maintenance.

2. Cutting range:  500mm﹣9,999mm,  effective width: 1000mm-2500mm.

3. Cutting accuracy:  ±1.0mm .

4. The computer system can store 200 groups of sheets and automatically complete operation by order ,with CRT interface display.

5. The computer automatically tracks the board running speed  to keep synchronization.

6. Paper feed and delivery motor use variable frequency control.

7. New energy saving AC servo control system is used in the computer systems,  tracking quickly and responding rapidly by millisecond control unit to keep high cutting accuracy.

8. Integrated power module instead of silicon controlled to reduce fault rate.

9. Provided with the energy saving system,which is a module that can store the power feedback generated by usual     braking,therefore saving more than 50﹪ energy than ordinary.

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