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Corrugated cardboard production line

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Double Glue Machine

Function Characteristics

1. The glue roller surface is finely curved reticulated pattern with 24 wires/inch and chrome-finished, to keep the glue less and more  uniform.

2. The distributor shaft is ground and plated with hard chrome on the surface.

3. Other paper lead shafts are ground and plated with hard chrome on the surface.

4. The gap between paste roller and glue roller is adjusted with double eccentric structure.

5. The bearings of paste roller and glue roller are double–row cylindrical ball self–aligning bearings.

6. Adopt  pressure roller as pasting glue mechanism ,up and down pneumatically.

7. Glue spread displayed on the control of double wall machine is adjusted electrically.

8. The whole machine is electrical controlled . .

9. The glue thickness can be adjusted by the eccentric gear which adjust the gluing gap electrically by synchronous mechanismeasy ,with operating .

10. There are two pieces of paper loading shafts stand  on same  oscillating arm ,to keep fixed gluing angle to improve the evenness and stability of gluing.

11. The drain system uses straight–way type stainless steel drainage device,providing independent draining,centralized retting and removing bypass design,which can be free of maintenance for the whole sernice life and with simple structure,saving stop valve and check valve,etc.and simplifying installation and maintenance of the return circuit.

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