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Corrugated cardboard production line

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Hanging Basket Accumulation Machine

Function characteristics

1. And production management system and communication attachment,read order information and change order,order separation accurately;Can also work with the single machine.

2.Effective working width: 1600mm-2500mm 

3. Max. working speed: 200m/min
4.Max. sheet length 3000mm, Min, sheet length 500mm.
5.Max. stacking height 1600mm. ( stacking height not over triplicity of sheet width)
6.Automatic sheet stacking and side delivery.
7. Simplex or duplex down stacker structure.
8.Hydraulic servo valve control of elevator deck,ensure stable and quickly stacking.
9.Conveyor belt keeping synchronours with production line speed, keep stacking stable.
10. PLC control system to follow production line speed , delivery paper sheet, control elevator deck up and down, control back stop positioning clapboard to achieved automatic order change.
11. Adopt fiberglass brush press paperboard, and according to paperboard length adjust pressure. 

12.Exit of paper sheet delivery with press brush, anti-excursion and guide paper sheet correct delivery.
13. Subsection independent driver by AC frequency conversion motor, automatic follow production speed of production line, ensure stable and quickly stacking.
14.This machine can be connect with production management system to achieved order change and order management.
15. Adopt man-machine conversation and touch screen display, easy operation.
16.Automatic clapboard setting for sheet length, and automatic paper sheet side delive.

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