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Die cutting machine

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Rotary Paper Cutter

Function characrerstics

This is one of the single units composing corrugated board production line,with the role of slitting and cutting of single wall corrugated boards,it also can match with the roll paper holder to slit roll paper.This cutter has reasonable structure,easy adjustment,simple operation,free regulation of size in length and breadth and one﹣through operation.It also can be used for the paper cutting in paper﹣making industry and printing industry.

Main technical specifications

1. Cutting width:100﹣1,600mm.

2. Cutting speed:10﹣60m/min(stepless speed regulation)

3. Crosscutting width:600﹣2400mm

4. Counter:5﹣DIGIT mechanical counter

5. Motor power:2.2KW/380V

6. Dimensions:2,700×2,030×1,500mm

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