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Die cutting machine

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Computer Controlled Single Wall Paper Cutter

Function Characteristics

1. The whole Computer  system are all designed and manufactured by  CE standard which  pass the strictly industrial level testing ,with high stability and long life.

2. Driving part adopts AC servo drive and the import of the synchyonous AC servo motor,refiect the quick movements,precise,low power consumption.

3. Set,computer cutting turn undead and number of sheets,and can be either manually of automatically change single.

4. Can input 999 group orders,and can always check list,change single list.

5. When change by automatic adjustment cutting size,once in place,do not need to stop,no loss.

6. Computer automatic detection cutting length,and prompt correction,improves the cutting precision,to reduce the consumption,paper cutting accuracy with+/_1.00mm

7. Computer automatic calculated the total orders unfinished  and the total finished amount per day.

8. The paper  loading by frequency conversion motor.

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