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BAQK Series Multifunction Water﹣based Printing ﹠Carton Froming Machine

Function characrerstics

This machine is set printing(single,dual,tri color,four color),paper,rolling line,points and comer cutting slot,punched each working procedure,a forming,is a combination of save work,evergy saving equipment.With the diaphragm pumps,pneumatic locking,electric separation,nets roll up and down automatically,parking keep ink,electric phase adjustment,hangversion,synchronous blade adjustment functions are used together.Enters the material equipped with chain tape feeder.

Main technical specifications

Main Technical Parameters


Max printing area:1,500×1,700﹣3100

Min processing width:400mm

Operating speed:0﹣60 sheets/min

Paperboard thickness:2﹣8mm

Motor power:3KW

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