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Printing machine

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Die Cutting and Grooving, Water Based Printing Machine

Function characrerstics

1. This machinery include  printing,cutting and grooving three processes which can be per﹣formed with one cycle.

2. Bacuse of water based printing, so the color is clear and full and pattern fidelity.

3. Chromatically position exactly,the slice side glossily and smoothly.

4. Electrical phase adjustment system is rapidly,run and stop can be 360 -- adjusted .

5. The meshy grained roller up and down by pneumatics,the ink roller automatically recycle to prevent ink dry when the machine stop, and easy for cleaning rapidly .

6. Recycled sprinkling lubricating to the gear with low noise and long life.

7. The pneumatic diaphragm pump attach with automatically ink feeding system.

8. Pneumatic fasten system,electrical counter system.

Model:1600×Ø783 1600×Ø639 1600×Ø695.

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